A gloss that changed the world
The first lip gloss was developed by legendary Hollywood makeup artist, Max Factor. Because all films were black and white, what brought interest and definition were texture and light. So after years of matte lipsticks (he used to use black to give the impression of red), he made the shift to shiny and glossy and invented lip gloss. Two years later, he sold the first commercial lip gloss called X-Rate. It stayed on the market for seven decades until P&G discontinued it in 2003 – no soul!

What is the enduring allure of lip gloss? Well, first it’s hard to find someone it doesn’t look good on. It transcends all ages. It’s always on trend. It brings youth to the face. It can be worn with jeans or a ball gown. It can be applied without a mirror. And it feels good. Not only does it feel good but it can actually be good for the lips, those tender membranes that have none of the protective abilities of the skin.

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