Valentine’s Day DIY Spa Treatment Leah Chavie ABC 7

Last week beauty expert Leah Chavie showed us how to give at home spa treatments for Valentine’s Day on ABC 7

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DIY Winter Skin Masks Leah Chavie Fox 32

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DIY expert Leah Chavie shows us how to make some masks to keep your skin happy and healthy this winter!” ...

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Leah Chavie in Michigan Ave Mag: Save your Skin this Winter

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“Keep coconut oil on hand. Coconut oil is hydrating and non-greasy, making it perfect for winter skin treatments. I ...

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Five Ways to Moisturize Locally This Winter

Excerpt from CHICAGO mag.
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The trials that Chicago winters impose on hair and skin are as numerous as they are gruesome: chapped lips, ...

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When @LeahChavieSkin talks skincare, we listen

Leah Chavie’s newest stem cells skincare treatment rejuvenates and repairs the skin. Result? A radiant facial that’s no fluff and all results.

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Holiday Beauty

The scent of crisp peppermint and a large family meal complete with a side of cranberry sauce are quintessential holiday traditions.

Did you know these beloved flavors can also give you ...

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Festive Body Scrubs at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique

With the weather starting to get a tad chilly in Chicago, I can’t think of a better way to escape from the cold than from a day of pampering at ...

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Summer in the City: Fall Pampering

From seasonal tea blends at Teg-Schwender to Leah Chavie Skin Care, Summer Jackson explores autumn pampering opportunities in The Windy City.


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Leather Permitting

It’s all the buzz. Loving me some leather!

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Flair Fashion Show

Flair Fashion Show at the Fairmont supporting The Lighthouse foundation for the blind.

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